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Stick ‘n Stitch Sashiko Snake Visible Mending Pattern

Stick ‘n Stitch Sashiko Snake Visible Mending Pattern

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Stick ‘n stitch visible mending Sashiko Snake pattern.
These easy to use wash away transfer patterns are the quickest way to transfer patterns for visible mending. No need for chalk pencils, rulers, irons or tracing paper. Simply peel the adhesive transfer off the backing, and stick it onto the area you would like to mend. These sashiko embroidery patterns can be used to mend clothing or just embroider for decoration.

Directions on how to patch and prep the mending area are included. Along with short stitch tutorials for the outline. Stitch right over the guides into your garment and then wash it away. It's that simple.

Transfers Details:
* One transfer
* Instructions for use are included. No additional tools are included. Each transfer is single use.

Three size options to fit your needs:
Small- 4 x 5 inches
Medium- 5.5 x 8
Large- 8.5 x 11

How to Use:
* Peel and stick pattern and embroider.
Each sheet is single use, but you don't have to use the whole sheet.
* Use the running stitch and the dashes as a guide
* When finished, wash away adhesive transfer. Best results when washed in washing machine or at least warm water and laundry detergent or soap. Would not use on fabrics you cannot wash.
* Dry as normal in machine or air dry.


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