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Commission Request Form

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Commission Your Unique Piece Today

Do you have special items that need mending, custom embroidery, upcycling, or bespoke creation? I'm here to help! I'm excited to announce that I am now accepting a limited number of commissions each month. Here’s what I offer:

1. Visible Mending
Revitalize your cherished garments with creative, colorful mending techniques. I specialize in larger, artistic repairs using vibrant threads, fabrics, and embroidered patterns. Whether it's pants, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, or blankets, I bring new life to your favorites. Please note, I do not accept crotch mends, hemming, or small holes. Instead, I focus on beloved items with large holes or tears, thinning vintage fabrics, and multi-area darning projects.

2. Custom Embroidery
Add a personal touch to your clothing, hats, and bags with custom embroidery. I welcome both large and small commissions, transforming your items into unique, hand-crafted pieces.

3. Upcycling
Breathe new life into your wardrobe with my upcycling services. I can rework 5-10 pieces of clothing, including skirts, tops, tees, dresses, and more, giving them a fresh, modern look while preserving their original charm.

4. Custom Clothing
Looking for a bespoke outfit? I offer custom sewing services using fabric of your choice or from my collection. With patterns for dresses, skirts, and pants like the Tate romper, Pomona pants, and loose button-up tops, I can create a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.

Ready to commission your unique piece? Contact me today to get started!

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