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Mini Leather Care Kit

Mini Leather Care Kit

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Introducing the Mini Leather Cleaning Kit- the perfect solution for those who want to take care of their leather furniture, bags, or clothing. This kit is designed for those with minimal leather items to care for but still want to maintain their leather products' longevity.

The kit includes all the essential tools you need- a 2 oz bottle of Leather CPR, a small round horsehair brush for soap application, a rectangular horsehair brush for buffing and polishing and finally a microfiber cloth that will leave your leather items looking as good as new. The 2 oz bottle of Leather CPR is perfect in size and quantity. The small round horsehair brush makes it easy to apply soap evenly across your item's surface area without damaging it in any way.

After cleaning your item thoroughly with the soap application from our kit's small round horse hairbrush, use our rectangular hairbrush made from high-quality materials. This brush helps buff up any imperfections on the surface area of your item and create a smooth texture.

Finally, use our microfiber cloth made up of soft fibers that won't scratch or damage delicate leathers during cleaning -to remove excess moisture from surfaces -leaving it dry without residue after use! Investing in this mini cleaning kit will save you money on expensive professional cleaning services while still providing quality results. Don't wait; get yours today!

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