Custom Embroidery

Are you looking for the full custom Socorro Society experience?  Curious how this whole process gets started?  You’ve come to the right place, sit down let’s chat.

The basics:  The process of co-creating your custom embroidery piece starts with a series of prompt questions we send, then we will draw up some designs and we will go back and forth as many times as needed until you are satisfied, then, once we’ve established your custom artwork and the palette suits your liking, I move into the embroidery phase and hand embroider your piece with love in San Antonio, Tx.

 Pricing: I base my pricing on time spent on each design both in conception and embroidery. Once our initial discussion of what you might want, how big and on what I’ll quote a price, and ask for a 50% deposit before getting started. 

Timing: depending on how large and intricate the embroidered piece will be, custom orders will take 2-3 weeks turnaround. Everyone has a price, myself included and I can be paid off to expedite embroidery if need be. 

What do you embroider: anything you send me. Once I’ve received what you would like embroidered I can establish how big and how long the piece will cost and take me to complete. 

Still interested? I would love to hear from you. Send me an email at