Adventures in Mexico

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Southwest, for adding Mexico and Central America to your flying itinerary. Because of their super cheap flights, well also thanks to super awesome friends who gift you a one-way ticket to Mexico and tell you if I can get back I can go, I was able to pop on down to San Miguel de Allende during Dia de Los Muertos and man was it amazing. We were only in Mexico for one week, so we had a short, yet very meaningful experience. 


The buses in Mexico are legit. After spending 5 hours sitting on a wooden box in a van in Guatemala, I wasn't too stoked with the idea of a 4 hour bus ride from Mexico City to SM, but my worries were proven so wrong. The buses in Mexico are all charter buses. They have leg rests, tv and solitare on the head rests, tons of leg room AND on every single ride we got a sandwhich. Always white bread, miracle whip type spread and one piece of ham. This freaked Taylor out a bit, but I was oddly comforted by this food that was exactly what my grandmother used to make us when she took care of us, so I wasn't mad about it. 

Parque Juarez

 Taylor's mom, Pam and her friend, Hal, have been going to SM for years. Hal was the man about town and everyone knew him, which made it so much easier to explore the town. We arrived just as preparations for Dia de Los Muertos took place, and the transformation was beautiful. Parque Juarez was down the street from where we were staying, a few days after the picture above was taken, the park was lined with artists' booths selling everything from leather goods, cards, art, clothing, jewelry. You name it, and someone was selling it, and that's pretty damn cool.

  Also in the park, local artists made these aluminum shadow box ofrendas (An ofrenda (Spanish: offering) is a collection of objects placed on a ritual altar during the annual and traditionally Mexican Dia de Los Muertos celebration) and built a tower in the park to remember both public figures and family members. 

There were too many good ones. RIP y'all. **pours one out for the homies.

Also on the ofrendas are these adorable sugar sculptures. There are all sorts of tiny things to choose from. Beans and rice, rams, sheep, beer. It was cuteness overload. This bad boy made it back to Texas with me #success! 

**Please note the rice and beans bottom left (taco emoji)

 Virgin Mary's everywhere. Enough said. 

They put the burros to work, y'all! Hal knew them by name, and I wish I remembered his name, because I will never forget that face or his freakin awesome hat complete with ear holes.

On our main shopping day Tay scored some cute AF leather loafers in a market that we spent an afternoon exploring. This place was pretty cool. You could get anything there. Fresh produce, flowers (OMG the smells!!!), pottery, jewelry, woven rugs, etc. 

Taylor may or may not of accidentally given someone at this market $500 in Hungarian money instead of pesos #oops. In her defense, they almost look exactly the same!! 

One may also find a my-size bag of puffy Cheetos 

The last thing that Taylor's wonderful Mother planned for us to do before we left was the most relaxing thing I've ever experienced. Over the course of our SM adventure we walked roughly 140k steps and boy were my dogs barking. I don't mind it at all, I love it actually. I love waking up and just walking out the door and exploring a new place, but it takes a toll on your body. So we took a dip at Escandido Place which are a series of natural hot baths that are both open and enclosed pools. Basically it's heaven on earth. It's so quiet and beautiful out there, and the water!! I wish I was sitting in one of the pools right now writing this post.

Mexico is such a beautiful country. We had such an amazing time there and can't wait to make another trip back and explore some more. 

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